From the Soul of California to the Heart of London

Focused on the process of making a hand-crafted beer, we strive to brew an approachable beer which honors the traditions of the past, but embraces the inspiration we find around us...all without taking ourselves too seriously.

We are not Masters, just a group of friends striving to improve our craft and selves on a daily basis. Our beers are full of contradictions —sophisticated yet gritty, complex and yet at the heart of the matter the combination of Malts and Hops (with Water and Yeast) is what truly makes a great beer. We bottle all of our beers with living yeast. Made with Pride in East London, we endeavor to bring exciting, adventurous beers to the thirsty masses.

Our head brewer, a native San Diegan, pays homage to the celebrated dive bars of San Diego (the equivalent of boozers for you Londoners), where admitably he spent much of his youth. Whether that be the the now defunct Landlord Jim's, Pacific Shores or the Aero Club where he drank his first pint of IPA, the beer strives to bridge the gap between elegant and approachable, but raw and free-spirited.


Our Offerings

Over the past three years, we have developed beers we like to drink. We work under 3 basic criteria:

  1. All our Pale Ales are under 4%;

  2. All our beers are brewed to the highest standard and sold fresh;

  3. We will never take ourselves too seriously.

As such are beers are ever evolving and only offered once. We hope you like drinking them as much as we do.

craft beer bottling Ubrew Pale Ale

Lot# 5001

An Ode to Spring

Available 1 May 2019



Gimme two Sips Pacific Pale aLe

We call it a Pacific Pale Ale as it is a session beer perfect for the beach, the park or your Saturday BBQ. All of the Hops come from the Pacific North West and New Zealand in the South Pacific. Coming in at below 4%, this beer drinks like a much bigger Pale Ale, with the added benefit that you will remember it all in the morning. SOLD OUT


Smashing zat•zuma Pacific Pale Ale

Smashing zat•Zuma is the perfect adult stocking stuffer. The beer comes in at 4% ABV, has freshly squeezed Satsuma juice and just enough zest to make it interesting. The result is a subtle ale that will match perfectly with your Boxing Day turkey sandwich. SOLD OUT




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